Asia Health Centre

1040 Etterbeek - Membre Skilto depuis plus de 9 ans

New Chinese Mcenter in Etterbeek
Reflexology Massage:Reflexology Massage, which is also known as the zone therapy, is analternative medicine technique in which massaging, stroking, squeezing, pressing, rubbing and pushing on very specific areas of the feet, hands, and ears. It is applied to promote or stimulate beneficial effects to other corresponding remote parts of the body, such as the vital internal organs (heart, liver, brain, stomach, bladder, sinuses, spleen, gall bladder, pituitary grand, adrenal gland, pancreas, kidneys, ureter, colon, small intestines, thyroid, bronchial tubes, coccyx, lungs, and appendix) and other essential systems (voice, neck, throat, eyes, ears, armpits, shoulders, arms, breasts, solar plexus, sciatic nerve, diaphragm, and Peyer’s patches). The intent is to improve the subject’s overall health of the body as a whole and the mind. 50MIN:38EURO

  • Entreprise: Asia Health Centre
  • Teléphone: +3226440300
  • Langues parlées: anglais, français,
  • Spécialisations: Massage chinois, Massage


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