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I am a 25year old native English speaker from England. I have a diploma in childcare and Education. I enjoy working with children and have 10years experience. I am available throughout the week as well as weekends. I am currently learning Nederlands in Hasselt and would like to practice speaking. I can also teach your child some English to help them develop their language skills. Ik ben een engelstalige vrouw van 25jaar. Ik heb een diploma van kinderverzorgster. Ik vind werk met kinderen heel leuk en heb 10 jaar ervaring. Ik kan in de week werken en ook in het weekend. Ik leer Nederlands in Hasselt en ik zou graag meer Nederlands praten. Ik kan les geven in Engels voor uw kind/kinderen om hun Engels te verbeteren.

  • Adres:
    3500 Hasselt

    Ik verplaats me tot bij de klant in een straal van 15 km.
  • Talen: Nederlands, Engels,
  • Skills: English, Babysit, Kinderoppas
  • Betalingsmethodes: geld


!0years experience in different settings, schools, holiday kids entertainment, birthday party host, educational environments.

3.1 Nederlands as 2nd language. Guitar cetificate


Childcare and education level 3 tefl buisness english and young learners

I am a friendly and happy person. i always take my smile wherever i go! i play guitar and i like to crochet also. i go to sports and swimming. i enjoy camping and outdoor activities aswell as relaxing with a good book.


Hi Monika, my price would be around 5euro per hour. From 8-12.15 20 euros, and from 8-14.30 30euros. I hope that helps you lucy
Hello Jos, Thankyou for your message. I would love this as a job but im afraid its not enough hours for me, I would have to travel by train and for 1 and half hours Im not sure it would be worth the money for me. I am starting an evening course in september and Im not sure what the timetable will be. I dont want to let you down after a few weeks but when I know more details I can let you know. Or if you dont find someone else you can ask me again in September. Many thanks Lucy

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