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What is talk2improve? This is the private practice started by Gunther Bauer in 2004. Through my education as clinical psychologist, post graduated in sports psychology and work experience as psychologist in an independent practice in Temse. I have accumulated the necessary knowledge concerning the mental accompaniment of (top) sportsmen. The most important intentions of sports psychology accompaniment are: the optimization of performance, raising the mental resistance, stipulate the zone of optimal functioning and reach a greater satisfaction when exercising sport. These aims can be achieved by having attention for the mental aspect of sport and all this on a scientific justified manner. Working Method: In the first place an individual profile is created; this is obtained by means of a screenings interview, psycho diagnostic tests or observations during training or competition. Through this profile we get a better insight on the strong and working points of the sportsman. This profile is used as the basis for the accompaniment path. The most important sport psychological topics which can be taken into consideration in this accompaniment route are: learning to perform under stress, learning to deal with sport injuries, frustration management, changing towards successful behavior, improving self-confidence, establishing correct and strongly motivating aims (by means of the SMART-principle), preparing competition, visualization, rectifying concentration and so on. Philosophy Together body and mind form a whole. The influence which we exert on one of the two has impact on the other part. For this reason it’s necessary that a problem is examined from several angles. As a result I work closely with sport doctors, paramedics, physiotherapists For whom? This accompaniment doesn’t remain restricted to the individual sportsman but can also be useful among coaches, sport teams, parents or family of the athlete, sport clubs and sport medical staff of the competitor. Specialties: Psychoanalysis, Sportpsychology, Neuropsychology,

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